I love printing and I love my home in Mid Wales. I am surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers that ignite my imagination.

My favourite things are my three beautiful children, my lovely husband, my kind family, my home, a cold beer on a warm day, singing out loud in the car, mixing colours, going fast on a motorbike and running pretending to be Forest Gump. 

Having my own website has been a dream of mine and I feel so privileged to be able to create art and develope my own ideas for a living. 

I am also really lucky to be given the opportunities to provide art workshops in schools and have worked on many projects over the years since becoming a freelance Artist.  Yet another bonus of managing my own time! 

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope the work has put a smile on your face!

I have a few pieces of Elin’s work around my home and office. Her work is amazing, I’ve bought some of her framed prints and also she has done some private commissions for me. Her talent is immense and she’s always fun to work with. I cannot wait to buy a lampshade soon.

Hannah EvansRocksalt Photography